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Lord Keep My Mind Clean-Teen Edition

“Instagram. FaceBook. Tik-Tok. Just a few of the voluminous mediums available to connect and occupy our time that young people engage without flinching. Internet surfing is today’s version of sitting on the sofa and channel flipping. Yet, there are content land mines all around the social media and tech blitz —sexting, secretive chat rooms, pornography, etc.  The Holy Spirit has led Pastor Drae to share practical guidance for this new generation to help you navigate God’s path in a “media jungle.” With all the distractions, God is able to help you keep your mind clean so that you can receive the promises He has prepared for you.”
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Andrae P. Crismon, Sr. is a servant of God, Pastor and columnist who is singularly driven by a desire to see people break free from the chains of sin and shame by the power of the Holy Spirit. This devotional was birthed from Andrae’s experience with the depths of addiction. These same depths are where Satan desires to take those who live and walk after the flesh. In Lord, Keep My Mind Clean, Andrae uncompromisingly shares the Word of God with crystal clarity and the fresh insight of one whom has been redeemed. Through his transparency the reader sees the manacles that had Andrae bound. Yet, the scriptures in which he expounds and prayers he has written magnify the power of Christ that delivered him. Stop thinking that you’re on an endless merry-go-round of sin. The power of the Holy Spirit will impact you through reading and adhering to this devotional to help you to get and keep your mind clean!

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Lord Keep My Mind Clean-Teen Edition

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Lord Keep My Mind Clean

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